Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 4, 2024

This Privacy Policy describes how I, Jessie Linden, collect, use, and handle your data when you use any of my apps sold in the App Store.

TLDR; I do not collect, use, or store any of your data. It is all private and, if not using iCloud, local to your device.

iCloud data

If using iCloud, your data is stored solely on iCloud. Full details of Apple’s privacy features including as related to iCloud are available here.
You can delete your data stored by this app in iCloud through the iCloud data management options in Settings.

Crash Reports & Analytics

Anonymised crash logs will be sent from your device to measure faults in the app and anonymised usage. These crash reports contain no personal or identifying data and are not cross referenced in any way.

Apple Analytics

If you have opted into analytics on your iOS device, some anonymised usage statistics will be sent to Apple as detailed here.


No personal data is stored when you browse this website.

Terms of Use

You can find Apple's Licensed Application End User License Agreement here.


Please email me with any questions or concerns


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